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September 07, 2003

The trouble with Porsches...

I used to like my Ford Explorer, and my wifes Windstar seemed pretty nifty. Now, it's all ruined. After a couple of weeks with the Porsche, neither the Explorer or Windstar feel at all safe to me. I now understand why the US has 55mph speed limits and it's because of vehicles like these. They aren't safe at speed above this.

They are like driving boats. Everything feels so out of control. Steering is terrible, they wobble at low speeds. The accelerator and brakes take forever to do anything.

So long as you're driving in a straight line then fine, but if you need to swerve to avoid or brake quickly, forget it, you're screwed, it ain't happening.

The other way of looking at this if that as brilliant as the brakes are in the Porsche, they are now a worry to me. The problem is that the Ford F150 pickup 10 feet behind me doesn't have that stopping power. A deer pops out in front of me, I whack the brakes and stop very quickly, and get rear ended by the F150 who likely didn't even see my brake lights come on before he hit me. Of course, he shouldn't be so close but very few here heed the advice.

Accelerating is another problem. People just don't expect cars to move that quickly. Look left, a small car, look right, nothing, cross the road, whack. Now the small car isn't breaking the speed limit, it just accelerated a whole lot faster than a normal one.

So, having it is great, but now, I hate my other cars and despite the assurance of great brakes etc, it's still a dangerous world out there...

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