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September 23, 2003

The perils of a car wash

I decided to try my local car wash today. A very trumatic experience. The local manager drove the car through. The problem is the wheels. Low profile wheels and car washs don't mix. Most car washes have two sets of rails to guide the wheels. These seem to me to be rim killing instruments.

Luckily, my car wash only has rails on one side but still, it's hard to watch. The trick is to keep the car on the interior rim rail. That keeps the rim away from the scratching the rim.

The car looks great after the wash but I think it's the last time I do it. It's 4300 bucks for a set of rims with tires. I figure it's like gambling, most of the time, it'll be ok but it's going to happen.

Hand washes for me from now on.

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