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September 06, 2003

My new car

I finally bought my dream car which is a Porsche 911 C4. I found my one at a dealership in Minneapolis at a substantial discount to the kelly book. It's maroon, turbo wheels, leather with wood interior, tiptronic, nice stereo with multi changer. Very nice. It seems unflappable driving it, there is so much electronic wizardry to correct your mistakes. Personally, I like it, it's very easy driving and given the winters in Minnesota, who needs to take risks with our winters anyway.

I had a baby seat installed last week and the SRS fault light was on. Turned out that the seat belt buckles were faulty and porsche replaced them at their cost which was cool as it was 600 bucks otherwise.

On long trips the car gives between 27-29mpg at a steady 55/65 depending on the speed limit. A lot of patrol men around here so it doesn't pay to speed.

I'll add more experiences with the car as they happen.

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