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September 07, 2003

Dell hard drive replacement woes

I agreed to replace a failing IDE drive in a friends DELL over the weekend. Easy, I thought. Wrong. We went to best buy, bought a 120GB WD drive for a 110 bucks and then I decided to use the Maxblast software to copy the old drive to this new one, and bingo.

So, I attached the new drive as the slave, rebooted, and installed MaxBlast. Things were smooth. Told MaxBlast to setup a new drive, copy my boot drive. I manually partitioned so that drive 'C' would be 120GB. It copied the drive. It took ages, that old drive is on its last legs.

Next, unplug the old drive, attach the new one as master, reboot. "Windows can't boot". Bugger. Booted the XP home edition CD, said I wanted to repair. Noone knows the admin password but as luck has it, the default is no password and they hadn't changed it.

Ran fixmbr. Rebooted, didn't work.

Ran fixboot c: Rebooted, didn't work.

Typed in HELP in the recovery console. Hmmm, BOOTCFG looks interesting. Typed in BOOTCFG /ADD and it found the copied XP drive, after a minute it asked if I wanted to add XP to the boot menu, yep and then rebooted and it works.

I think what screwed up MaxBlast was a EISA config partition on the original drive. But, anyone, Maxblast followed by recovery console and BOOTCFG seems to do the trick.

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