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July 31, 2006

Muffler failed


I'm at 86k miles and the outside muffler pipe broke about 4 inches from the hanger in front of the muffler. The inside pipe looked close to breaking also. It makes a pretty bad racket. I'm currently driving to Quebec from Minnesota and am 800 miles from home. I went to a Canadian GM dealer but they said 1300 bucks to repair it and 3-5 days to get the parts which is just plain silly, the 3-5 days. Apparently, GM keeps no local supply of parts. Stupid.

So, I'm in Niagara for 2 full days and couldn't delay leaving before getting this repaired. I got another 1600 miles to go on this trip and I needed to get this fixed. The GM dealer can't do 'repairs', they only replace. I went to a local muffler shop in Niagara

MinuteMan General Auto Repair, 7361 Pin Oak drive, Unit #1, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S5, Tel 1-605-3565252

Luke Dyment was the owner and on looking at it, he first tried to get an after market part but couldn't find one and said basically I gotta get a dealer part which would take a week. I told him of my trip and why I couldn't do that so we welded it closed and welded the inside one which was about to break. No guarantees on how long it will hold so we'll see if it lasts the next 1600 miles so I can get home in peace. 35 bucks. Very grateful to him.

I'll get an after market exhaust when I get back to Rochester MN or get a new one from the dealer. I'm not happy with Viking, my local GM dealer as they were supposed to inspect the truck the day before we left and said it was all fine which it wasn't and the cracks are visible on the muffler pipe.

Anyway, now we'll see how long the 'fix' will hold. Hopefully, all the way to Tremblant and then across to Saute Ste Marie and back home. Don't want to wake any bears.

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