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April 13, 2006

Bought my truck

I bought my towing truck today and will be selling my 1998 Ford Explorer. I bought a GMC Sierra 2500HD Extended cab SLT with a 6.0L V8 gas engine. It should be able to haul 10,000 lbs conventional so it'll easily pull my car and should be find also pulling a double car trailer with both my Porsche and Ferrari.

I could have bought a 2002 Ford F150 Lariat crew cab instead but I liked the interior of the GMC better, the way it drove also. It's not a crew cab but there's a lot of room in the rear seats. The seats are more like bucket seats than the slab leather seats which offer zero support in the 150.

Resale was also a factor. The F150 was 19900 with 48k miles. The 2500HD was 18900 with 76K miles. I figures if I put 40k miles on both, I'll get more for the 2500HD in 4 years.

I paid 18.3k US for it and bought a third party warranty for 4 years or 48k miles, that cost 1950US. I'll post experiences using it but hopefully I won't have to.

I also activated OnStar, I'm a fan of safety and that it can call for help automatically in an accident and send GPS coordinates was a factor in activating it. It's 17 bucks a month and I bought 100 minutes to use it as a cell phone also.

Here's to happy hauling.

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