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November 20, 2006

Tire pressures and temperature

My wife said the tires looked down so I checked em yesterday. 21psi all around, Yikes! They are supposed to be 35psi. The car was parked outside the night before (15F) so that didn't help either. I pumped all 4 tires to 35psi and then drove it around yesterday. I parked it inside last night, the garage stays around 35-40F during the night.

I checked them again this morning and all tires were 37psi. So, the higher temperatures were worth 2psi. I bled the air out to 35psi and I'll leave them there.

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The Windstar was a great van. My parents used to own one when I was younger. I dunno if anyone saw this but Ford practically swept the JD Power Rankings this year. If the quality of the new cars was anything like the old Windstar, it's no wonder.

Posted by: alex muller | Jun 9, 2007 11:37:12 AM

We bought the 2000 Windstar SEL new and had problems with the tires holding air after the 3rd year. Fancy rims but didn't stop the corrosion and air leaking.
Had to replace the worn out Michelins at 37K and the mechanic took his time cleaning the rims. No more problems with air.
Cooper tires are nice ride also.

Posted by: Jeff | Sep 4, 2007 12:03:52 PM

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