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October 16, 2005

Winter with a Windstar

We used the normal M+S tires the first winter but I switched to BridgeStone Blizzak WS50s the second winter and they make a HUGE difference to the car in winter conditions. Absolutely recommended and those tires are still in use 3 seasons later and still look like new. I bought them from Tirerack for 600 bucks or something with 16" rims.

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Nice blog... i think. i don't read too many, ha ha.
we have been running slicks on our ford windstar and we live in Rocky mtns of Canada. 68,000 kms on a set of uniroyals (originals), and we just came back from Californ, probably 5/16 left on the center rib, 6000 km trip over xmas and newyears;
anyways, i think there are some advantages to running low tread in heavy snow, you don't dig in, esp if you have a lot of weight on, as long as you don't over-steer your fine, but stopping is the shits.,.. esp at rinky dink intersections. he he he... anyways, the ford handles so well that you would never know what kind of tire you have when you are doing 65 mph in 4 inches of snow. DO you think i am crazy??

Posted by: Rick | Feb 5, 2007 8:38:20 PM

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