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October 16, 2005

First major expense

The car was pretty much trouble free until around 40k miles. We changed the oil every 2k miles, that sort of thing. We used the dealer to all the work.

We then had trouble with the brakes. The dealer said we needed new front rotors and pads and rear pads. 900 dollars! So, we went across the road and had a Firestone place do it for 490 bucks.

At 54k miles, I noticed driving the car home that it was handling pretty badly. Of course, my wife says it's fine, I'm just used to my Porsche but then once I'd pointed it out, she gave in. We brought it to the third party place and the car needed new rear shocks, cost was about 200 bucks. I was afraid to ask how much the dealer would have charged for the shocks.

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