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December 20, 2007

Major update of ObjectGrid just shipped

We just shipped ifix 3 for ObjectGrid which despite being packaged as an ifix is basically a major release for ObjectGrid. We added some amazing new features in this build including:

  • Spring Container Managed Transaction Support
  • Spring Bean Factory integration
  • Support for zone or multi-data center replication (industry first)
  • Zones allow customers to easily separate primaries and replicas spacially from each other for better high availability.
  • HTTP Session support with multi-data center support
  • Better integration with WebSphere
  • FIFO style access to query result sets (use Maps as queues)

You can read more about it on the wiki. The update can be applied to XD DataGrid installs and then copied to WAS V6.0.2 or customers using J2SE.

You can find it here.

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