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September 25, 2007

Spring WebFlow and ObjectGrid

Spring Webflow looks like a very nice Apache alternative to the LGPL competitors in the same space and looks to be extendable to a non web specific lightweight conversation manager also which is cool.

I had a conversation with Keith Donald yesterday about it and it looks like it should work with ObjectGrid backing the flows out of the box since it usually stores the flow state as an attribute in the users HTTP Session. ObjectGrid already provides a HTTP Session Manager servlet filter to attach to web applications persisting HTTP sessions to an ObjectGrid. If the web application is using flows then those flows will be persisted to the HTTP Session (and therefore the grid) along with the other application user state. So, there is nothing special to do for Webflow users when running in an ObjectGrid backed session environment.

I guess implementing an independant ObjectGrid backed flow repository would be interesting also so that users can use it to store conversations that happen outside a web context and these could be checked the next time they log in without needing to write the flows to a database or similar non scalable persistent backend.

Anyway, Webflow 1.0 looks pretty cool and Webflow 2.0 shows a lot of promise also.

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