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August 31, 2007

Sparc T2 and Power 6

You can start to see the impact of wide multi-core on processors already. Sun's new T2 processor, an 8 core processor just announced that they are slightly faster than a power 6 processor. Cool, right? But, the power 6 just has two cores. So, think of the instruction rate per core for both of these processors, the Power 6 is basically around 4x faster per core which is important if you need fast response times for applications with long path lengths or you need a high per thread transaction rate. This trend is going to continue I think. GC performance which we know can exploit multi-threading well should be comparable between both processors, as throughput is similar.
Anyway, both processors will likely do well and may even address different markets. But, I can see markets where latency and response times are critical moving towards the power 6 type of processor.

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