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July 11, 2007

Offtopic: Liking my MacBook a lot

I've had my Macbook pro for 2 weeks now and so far so great. I have all the IBM stuff working for the job and only need to run XP in a Parallels VM session for the IBM travel expense and travel booking web applications.

Development wise, I use Eclipse 3.2 with subclipse for our version control and MANTIS for builds and all of that is working fine. It's faster than the Thinkpad (R61p) was and thats memory and processor but Macos seems to just do it better than windows does. I don't get the periods of intense disk activity that I'd get on Windows when doing a big zip or build etc. Excessive file I/O seems to bring Windows XP to its knees and that doesn't seem to happen with macos.

The VPN client, Lotus mobility is, for me, a big improvement over the ATT VPN client. It's just faster and connects very quickly. I'm running all the stuff for IBM native, Office, Lotus Notes, VPN, Eclipse. I'm using adium as my IM client and it works with MSN and sametime.

I bought an external wired keyboard yesterday and with an external two button mouse, it's a nice setup. Especially with the 17" screen, no need for an external monitor for now.

Overall, switching to the macbook takes about the same amount of time as switching thinkpads and the result is a lot better so far.

Happy I switched.

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