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May 09, 2007

Anyone using Macs for Java development?

I'm seriously thinking of switching to a MacBook Pro as my daily laptop. A couple of co-workers are using them and all the IBM stack for work runs on them with a couple of exceptions related to applets in browsers not working.

Is anyone else using one for development? any tips? or stuff that doesn't work?

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The videocasting thing with Sametime doesn't work, near as I can tell, and you might have problems with travel web apps (I don't travel much).

Sametime is not quite functional either; you can use Adium.

The high-end Rational IDEs won't run either (RAD, RSA, etc).

I've been using, mainly, a mac for the last three years or so. I wasn't happy for the six months or so that I had to work on Windows (an RSA pre-req). Eclipse runs fine, has a few little horky spots here and there.

Note that you will really only be able to use Mac's JVM. It's the only game in town for the mac.

You can, of course, run some virtualization software. Most folks use Parallels; I've been using the beta VMWare which has been working great (for Ubuntu 6.whatever).

There is a learning curve. You won't be ready to "switch" completely, until you learn the way of the Mac.

There are some mac newsgroups on our internal nntp servers that are very useful, and as of this year, very busy. Lots of switchers, it seems.

Posted by: Patrick Mueller | May 9, 2007 2:47:17 PM

Been using Macs for a number of years for Java, Jini etc with no issues at all. I run Parallels but only for the likes of Enterprise Architect. NeoOffice does a pretty good job of handling MS-Office type stuff.

I currently have an 15" MBP 2Ghz dual core with 2Gb of RAM and the biggest hard disk I could find and I have no complaints.

Re: JDK, I think things might get better here as we transition to an all intel base - it will mean more in common with the Sun JDK which should speed up "porting". Oh and Leopard looks like it might well have ZFS and DTrace - yum.


Posted by: Dan Creswell | May 10, 2007 4:01:02 AM

Hi Billy. I've just switched to a MacBook Pro (see my blog for experiences with the move, applications, etc.), and I've done some basic Java stuff, but nothing significant so far. You won't currenly be able to run much of the WebSphere suite unfortunately - my main reason for continuing with a ThinkPad for day-to-day tasks - but things are improving, and certainly Eclipse is fine.

The most high-profile Java developer I've encountered professionally who uses a Mac is Simon Brown (http://www.simongbrown.com/blog/tags/apple/) -he was always very keen on them when I worked with him.

Posted by: andyp | May 10, 2007 5:07:39 AM

I've been using my macbook pro for all my daily activities (including intense java dev.) for a couple of weeks now. I don't miss much the XP env. (except for total commander) and in some rare cases I can always boot my vmware image.

I've always been a Linux user, so there was no steep learning curve with OS X. The only thing that bugged me at first was re-educating my self with all the shortcut keys and with the command (apple)key.

good luck

Posted by: Christian Gosselin | May 10, 2007 11:57:46 AM

If you go to any java conferences these days, you'll definitely see a good number of Macs floating around. About half of our devs (5 of 12) team use them. Back when the fastest Mac was a G5 we used to experience some bizarre NPE and ClassCastExceptions that were pretty clear bugs in the JIT, but those days are long gone (the dual G5 seemed to be have more probs). Swing has some special quirks on the mac, but that is true on pretty much every platform :-)

Posted by: tim eck | May 13, 2007 10:16:29 AM

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