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April 27, 2007

Off topic: Switched to Thinkpad Z61p from my T60

So far so good. It's got a nice 1900x1200 wide screen. You pay for this in that it's wider and slightly taller than the T60, but the T60 is deeper. There are speakers on the left and right of the keyboard which is an improvement over the T60.

It's definitely heavier than the T60. The drive is quiet in use and seems faster than the one in the T60. Mine has a finger print reader which means I'll forget my passwords now for sure. It says it's ready for VISTA, I'm still running XP myself.

It seems more consumer oriented than a T-series. It has fire wire ports, s-video out is there also. It shares the T60 docking station and power bricks.

Overall, I like it, the size was off putting at the beginning but for writing code the larger screen is nice. Battery life is shorter, I get just under 4 hours in battery mode and could get 5 hours on the T60. Guess, the bigger screen costs battery. It seems to run cooler than the T60 because of the extra space I guess also.

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