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April 28, 2006

Got a new T60 today

I got my new laptop today. I'm upgrading from a Thinkpad T42p (2.1Ghz, 80Gb/5400, 2Gb, UXGA screen). The T60 has 2GB (but can have 4GB), has a core duo and a 100GB 7200rpm disk.

Battery life is better, it's around 4 hours if you're not pounding the disk which is close to if not a little better than my t42p. Besides that it looks like a t42p. I don't notice the CPU for day to day stuff. I'll probably notice the disk, the disk is the biggest failing on notebooks for me, a notebook never has a fast enough disk. 100Gb is nice also, I had about a 1gb free on my t42p.

So far my only gripes are they changed the power cord. Until now, almost every thinkpad could use any thinkpad power brick. This is very handy. But, Lenovo in all their wisdom changed both the voltage and connector type so thats the end of that.

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I looked a bit at the T60. Good specs. There's a couple good web site for finding notebooks:


I think I'm going to wait for a bit though, since I "need" 7-8 hours minimum from the battery. The T60 is pretty much as close as you get right now to the "complete package". The Sony SZ series is the other.


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