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March 03, 2006

WebSphere XD Partition Facility = massive performance improvements

I just returned from a customer in the investment banking sector. They have built a couple of applications with WebSphere XD 6.0 that are about to enter production. The applications use the partition facility to build an OLTP partitioned stateful grid and the WorkManager/CommonJ APIs for advanced threading supporting each partition, they use CMP for persistence. Unfortunately, the solution didn't meet their performance objectives. It exceeded them by a factor of 10 meaning they now are deploying on 3 IBM xSeries HS20 blades instead of the planned 6 blades and still are 5x faster than planned. That's a high quality problem. They save on hardware and software licenses (which I don't know is a good thing for us...) whilst exceeding the business requirements.

The partition facility allows them to build a partitioned stateful grid/cluster with write through caching for each partition. This results in extreme speed and linear scaling. They used 16 partitions in their application and they know they can make the application scale linearly simply by running the application on more blades. When a blade or JVMs fails then the partitions fail over in seconds to the surviving blades and thus allows the application to recover almost immediately.

Its a very nice example of whats possible when using partitioned stateful grids combined with a conventional J2EE application server.

Technologies like the partition facility, the WorkManager/CommonJ APIs and ObjectGrid combined with WebSpheres market leading high availability technology (the HAManager) integrated with IBM hardware, like blades running Linux, allow customers needing to build very high performance OLTP with extreme scalability and availability requirements to meet or exceed the requirements using off the shelf middleware and commodity hardware for the first time. In the past, this meant using proprietary technology and/or required 'rocket scientist' developers. This is the no longer the situation.

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