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January 04, 2006

Today is code freeze for XD 6.0.1

Today is the last day for making changes. The code tree is now being frozen and we'll do system tests one more time. If we find anything major then we fix it otherwise, it's held for the first fix pack.

On the ObjectGrid side, we're planning on continuing stress tests for another couple of months with the objective of pushing out two updates at the beginning of Feb and March. The actual XD code is supposed to be publicly available on Jan 27th, I think so the first update should arrive a week after that. Any performance/stability improvements will be in those updates. Anyone looking to benchmark it etc should hold off until the March update as there will likely be significant performance improvements by then.

Some performance improvements will likely mean wire changes and my current plan is to break wire compatibility with the GA version during these two updates which is unusual but I want a free hand when making changes for performance. I figure if we're going to break wire compatibility then now is the time to do it before a lot of customers have it in production.

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Congrats Billy, I hope you'll have a few uneventful weeks before the release :) There is something I was wondering about: is the 6.0.1 release of XD going to be able to run Process Server 6.0.1 on top of it?

Posted by: Carl Osipov | Jan 4, 2006 3:37:04 PM

Yes it does. It's part of our systems test bucket.

Posted by: Billy | Jan 4, 2006 3:43:05 PM

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