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July 18, 2005

WebSphere 6.0.2 ships

Get it here:


There are a lot of fixes in this release including many on performance. HTTP session replication using the HAManager message transport is substantially faster than before. Scalability improvements for very large core groups was also done.

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Interesting. Are HAManager and DistributedMap related in any way? Can I use HAManager to cache application level objects and have them replicated accross the cluster? We tried that with DM but the performance was quite bad. We are thinkig about Coherence but if WAS 6 has something of the same quality built in we'd rather upgrade from WAS 5 instead.

No, DRS uses the HAManager RMM messaging in 6.0 and this was fully tuned in 6.0.2 and is substantially (we're not talking double, its more) faster than 5.1. But, watch this space on the caching front, news is coming...

Posted by: bezadresu | Jul 27, 2005 3:06:12 AM

That's good news. Any hints as to when to expect it?

Posted by: bezadresu | Aug 1, 2005 1:22:11 PM

We are currently running WebSphere 4 and trying to decide whether to upgrade to 5 or 6. Do you know of anyone running WebSphere 6 in a Production environment? Would you recommend waiting for a 6.1 release? I don't mean this to be insulting but in my past experience using WebLogic I was told by their salesperson never to put a release into Production until it gets to the .1 version. Releases before that are just meant to be used in development to begin porting the application. I was wondering if IBM felt the same way.

Posted by: Steve Snodgrass | Sep 9, 2005 9:06:32 AM

6.0.2 is very good. The sales guy is right for a .0 release. I wouldn't goto production on 6.0 but 6.0.2 is pretty solid which is not to say there are no bugs but it is very sorted and is what I've been recommending customers use. As far as production customers, we just shipped 6.0.2 in July and 6.0 in Dec so there isn't a lot of time for people to get projects in to production. I personally know of a bank about to put an electronic trading system in to production very shortly on XD 6.0 which uses 6.0.2 and they haven't opened a PMR so far during their preproduction testing etc.

With WebSphere there is no guarantee of a .1 release. I'd say that .0.2 is going to be fine.

Posted by: Billy | Sep 9, 2005 9:27:40 AM

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