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June 29, 2005

Async Beans Programming guide

The async beans APIs in WebSphere 5.x Enterprise and normal WebSphere 6.0 allow J2EE programmers to easily create threads (both short lived pooled and daemon threads) inside aJ2EE application. They also allow transient millisecond alarms to be created and allow application callbacks to be safely implemented.

This is a document that I wrote which I've been giving to customers over the past couple of years. It documents the WebSphere async beans APIs and shows some examples of how they can be used (integrating Tibco RV as an example). These APIs are now included in WebSphere 6.0 base or ND. A subset of the capabilities of async beans has been standardized and has found it's way in to WebLogic 9.0 and WebSphere 6.0 and is called commonj. There is also a JSR (236/237) but that looks like JEE 1.6 now.

Download asynchbeans_book.doc

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are there any differences between WAS 5 and 6, for async beans? (putting it differently, would I have to read async beans info in Infocenter for WAS 6, even if I have read this doc)

No, it's the same besides bug fixes etc. This document far exceeds whats in the infocenter BTW. UserTransaction also works all the time now, even for BMT EJBs which it didn't before.

Posted by: | Jul 1, 2005 9:43:19 AM

Can I include the commonj client in my WebSphere 5.1 application to take advantage of the commonj.timers and commonj.work packages?
Thank you,

Posted by: Anthony | Sep 5, 2006 1:21:14 PM

what is the alternatives for wait() and notify() (threads) in async beans(ibm)...

Posted by: ramakrishnareddy | Oct 31, 2006 5:44:58 AM

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