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June 04, 2005

Apple may be parting ways with IBM

Check this out. I can't believe this. How is this a good thing for Apple? I was looking at buying a Mac for my kids but they are expensive. With this hanging in the future, there is no way I'd buy a Mac now with this kind of uncertainty. I remember when they switched from 68k to Power and that was a pain. It was a major hassle for software companies as they needed to provide two binaries and test everything twice. Given Apples share here, this can only hurt them.

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You have a 996 and are worried about spending an extra couple hundred dollars on a Mac?

Posted by: | Jun 4, 2005 3:31:01 PM

A guy has to have priorities :)

Posted by: Billy | Jun 4, 2005 8:58:29 PM

||Given Apples share here, this can
||only hurt them.

Given the way IBM were treating them, this can only be good for Apple.

Also, it means no more emulation to run windows apps on mac. Just compatibility (like wine) - it will be much faster...

Posted by: Nick | Jun 10, 2005 5:47:38 PM

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