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March 27, 2005

T630 and PIM Synchronization

I bought a Kensington USB Bluetooth adapter yesterday. It looks like a USB key. I installed the supplied software and lo and behold, it comes with a PIM synchronizer. After the trouble with the XTNDConnect software (very slow, not reliable) I thought cool. I set it up to use my Notes for the address book and calendar and clicked on sync. Initial sync took a while then it failed with an OBEX response code error. I did a google and this problem seems to be widespread. There also doesn't appear to be a way to limit the number of calendar entries that are synced.

My phone book synced fine but nothing in the calendar. I turned off the calendar syncing and it syncs the phone book fine and very quickly. A sync after the initial syn takes about a second. A lot more acceptable than the 5 minutes with XTNDConnection software which was always about 5 minutes which is just not usuable in my opinion.

So, my next challenge is to figure out how to make the calendar sync and then how to use my phones GPRS for internet access.

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